'Portraits from the Precipice'

The equivalent of 300 football fields of rainforest are being destroyed every hour, causing deforestation and exacerbating global warming with C02 Emissions. Indonesia is now one of the worlds largest emitters of carbon dioxide. The jungles of Sumatra and Borneo have been devastated for palm oil, leaving endangered animals such as orangutans, elephants rhino and tigers homeless and destroying trees and plants vital to our planets biodiversity.

My painting highlights the sad plight of Indonesia and Borneos orangutan population. The destruction and clearing of rainforest, fuelled by our greed for cheap junk food supplied to us by manufacturers including Kellogs, Nestle, Walls and Mars is responsible for this tragic catastrophe.

We need to plant trees not destroy them if we are to have a chance of saving our planet for future generations. You can help reduce the destruction of our remaining rainforest by avoiding all products containing palm oil.

My portrait features a young orangutan named Sprout who is in the care of Dudley Zoological Gardens, UK.

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